The use of silk as a support allows the artist to set the photography in motion.
Tempestuous, peaceful, solar, these landscapes draw the twists of the sky in those of the fabric.

2021 – 14 pictures

Avant l'orage

Before the Storm

Arbres violets

The Purple Trees

L'orage vient

The Storm is Coming

Les temps incertains 2

Uncertain Weather 2

Paysage aux reflets qui dansent

Landscape with Dancing Reflections

Le premier matin

The First Morning



Les temps incertains 1

Uncertain Weather 1

A la campagne

In the Country Side

Sur le grand lac

On the Big Lake

Juste avant l'orage

Just Before the Storm

La rivière mystérieuse

The Mysterious River

L'arbre qui a tort

The Tree that is Wrong