From the other side

Who is the «Valpinçon Bather» painted by Ingres? The original model was painted from the back. Claudia Vialaret turns her over to give her a face. Using photography, she recomposes the scene in a large imaginary setting.
From Tintoret’s painting «Susanna and the Elders», Claudia Vialaret imagines the scene seen from points of view other than that of the painter. The set of the three photographic compositions reconstitute the possible views of the three characters in the original scene. The lush landscape of a park is inspired by the painted scene.

2015 – 6 pictures

La baigneuse 1

The Bathing Woman 1

La baigneuse 2

The Bathing Woman 2

Le visage de la baigneuse

The Face of the Bather

Suzanne dans le parc

Susanna in the Park

Suzanne dans le miroir

Susanna in her Mirror

Suzanne pres du bassin

Susanna Near the Pool