Initially trained in fine arts, Claudia Vialaret first practiced oil painting and drawing before she turned to contemporary photography. Far from marking a break from her early visual choices, this is a continuation, which was made possible through digital techniques. Claudia Vialaret’s approach is inspired by her research in Art history and literature. Taking possession of an artistic master piece, through various processes, she creates hybrid images which reveal both gaps and continuities between cultural heritage and contemporary art. Her tactile approach resides in manipulations, including crumpling, of the paper on which the photography is printed. Through these processes she creates a vibration in the image, which enables her to transform reality. Challenging the classical space is another way for her to renew and develop her personal fiction. Claudia Vialaret’s work fits with the main stakes of contemporary art: it is a reflection on the appropriation of artistic heritage, on the materiality of artwork, and on the act of creation.