Trained as a visual artist, Claudia Vialaret first practiced oil painting and drawing before moving toward plastic photography. Far from a break with her early artistic choices, her use of this medium deepens them thanks to the techniques offered by the digital.


Claudia Vialaret’s approach stems from a genuine work of research in art history and literature. The creative processes she devises transform representation, by crumpling the paper support, projecting images on models, and inverting the point of view of the original artwork.


These innovating techniques allow the artist to develop a personal, intense and structured language, at the hinge between painting and photography, classicism and contemporaneity.


On the paths taken by Joel Peter Witkin, Gilbert and Georges and Joan Fontcuberta, Claudia Vialaret’s work is rooted in today’s major issues: a reflection on the appropriation of artistic heritage, on the materiality of the artwork and on the creative act.