This website offers an overview of the artistic work I have been doing for ten years. It all began with an experienced I realized in 2007, in which I associated my pictorial technique to the new fields of expression offered by the digital technologies. This merging gave birth to Fetal, a hybrid work which closely mingles photomontage, digital painting and handling of the paper-medium. It embodied the genesis of a new personal language able to explore my favorite theme: art history. Since then, I revisit the masterpieces of art from the Renaissance to the classical era, where each new series invokes a particular artist.

While browsing my portfolio, you shall run into Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, van Dick, Hieronymus Bosch and many others. The iconographies I borrow from them are the palette I use within a vast pictorial remix, which allows me to play on the codes of classical painting. Alternately, the viewpoint on the image is not where it should be, the paper-medium comes alive to recompose the work, and the forms of the past merge with those of the present.